Nano Plastic Coating
Nano Plastic Coating
Nano Plastic Coating
Nano Plastic Coating

Nano Plastic Coating

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Transform and protect your car's interior in a swipe with the Nano Plastic Coating! High-performance dressing that gives an excellent finish.


  • Latest nano-technology. Formulated using the latest nanotechnology, our Nano Plastic Coating effectively repels dirt, grime, and dust off all interior car surfaces, while giving it a polished and like-new finish. 

  • Restore and maintain the finish. Penetrates deep to nourish and restore vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Creates a long-lasting, non-greasy, rich shine on dashboards, door panels, bumper trim, and more.

  • Protects against fading. Restores and protects your car interior, creates a protective surface from becoming faded and cracked. It brings out the true shine and texture of leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, and tires.
  • UV Protection. Formulated with specialty UV blockers that act like sunscreen to repel harmful solar rays that bleach, fade, and crack sensitive car parts over time.
  • Non-greasy formula. Achieve a non-greasy long-lasting deep wet look on both interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, plastic, and tires with this water-based dressing. 
  • Easy to use. Quick and easy application with no sling and no mess. Spray into a sponge and wipe it to the area you want to improve.


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