Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask
Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask
Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask
Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask
Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask

Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask

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Your hair's health is just as important as how cute, short, long, or voluminous it is. Treat your hair and scalp with the damage-erasing, nourishing, and hydrating Self-Heat Carviar Hair Mask! Your hair will thank you later.


  • Repair your hair. This helps repair damaged hair and broken bonds. Restores strength, softness, and vibrancy to parched, stressed, and dull hair.

  • Infused with caviar. Formulated with caviar containing 26% proteins, mainly lysine, arginine, methionine, and histidine amino acids that are crucial in the main building blocks of your hair. Provides strength and also stimulates follicles for new hair growth.

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates your hair and scalp. Gently detangles and moisturizes hair while leaving the scalp feeling rebalanced and refreshed. Formulated with natural ingredients that are known to have antibacterial properties, this oil unblocks hair follicles and nourishes roots

  • Salon-like treatment at home. An intensive and nourishing treatment mask that uses caviar essential oil to smooth, soften, and add radiance to dry, damaged, or dull hair.
  • Comes with a hair cap. Everything that you need to have the best hair is in this kit. Comes with a hair cap, this means that the hair is assisted by the vapors that build under the hat, which gives the hair an extra boost, and ensures that the serum stays in your hair.


1 x Caviar Hair Mask Serum (20g)

1 x Hair Mask Cap (40g)

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